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Economic solutions for solventborne tinting systems Manfred Jorna BASF, Dispersions & Pigments Division, Formulation Additives . Efka ® 4330 dispersing agent. Laropal ® A81 grinding resin. BASF Dispersions & Pigments Division - Formulation Additives - ... Color cost pigment grinding RMPC vs. traditional. Economics

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For Pigment Paste Manufacturer; While dispersing dry pigment, we expect full value from expensive organic and inorganic pigment and optimum output from the equipments. It acts as a grinding vehicle for highly concentrated dispersions, it wets and deflocculate pigments without causing much foaming which adversely affecting the film properties ...

Coatings Additives, Part IV: Pigment suspensions and ...

Coatings Additives, Part IV: Pigment suspensions and dispersing agents. Thursday, 1 April 1999 ... Pigment wetting and dispersing additives are surfactants which helps to disperse pigments and fillers in liquid media and facilitate their incorporation into coatings. ... Kinetic limitations for pigment grinding in sandmill, with purls, balls and ...

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vehicle system, dispersing the air entrained in the carbon black with the vehicle (wetting the pigment), and reducing carbon black macroagglomerates to microagglomerates, or aggregates, through grinding. Good interaction between the vehicle and carbon black will facilitate wetting and accelerate the dispersion process. In other words, better carbon

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CLiQSPERSE BT is a resin-like high molecular weight pigment dispersing agent for non-aqueous systems. The modified polyurethane is used in industrial systems for direct grinding of pigments into a coatings mill-base or in the production of highly concentrated low viscous organic or inorganic resin-free pigment concentrates.

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• Support of grinding ⇒ short dispersing time, optimum degree of grinding. • Reduction of grind viscosity ⇒ high pigment content, fluidity. • Stabilisation of the dispersion ⇒ colour strength, gloss, colour shade stability. • Compatibility with resins ⇒ no flocculation or coagulation, broad application.


A Sustainable Approach to Modern Coating Technology Patcham FZC is a well-established manufacturer of specialty additives headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Since its inception, Patcham has steadily grown into a leading supplier of specialty additives for the Paint & Coatings, Ink, PVC and Composite industries.

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Dispersing agent for inorganic pigments, including titanium dioxide. The product is suitable for a broad range of applications in the coatings sector (paints, lacquers, printing inks). It has a strong viscosity reducing effect during grinding of pigments as well as in the final formulation.

Grinding And Dispersing, Grinding And Dispersing Suppliers ... offers 2,122 grinding and dispersing products. About 18% of these are mixing equipment, 1% are paper chemicals, and 1% are coating auxiliary agents. A wide variety of grinding and dispersing options are available to you, such as agitator, homogenizer, and planetary mixer.

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The ultra-fine grinding of pigments places high demands on the machine technology to be employed. The finest, absolutely grit-free granulation, low-residue processing with minimal contamination, as well as fast, thorough cleaning when switching products are the minimum requirements.

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Wetting, grinding, dispersing and stabilizing pigment coats and inks. DISPERSING PROCESS. High quality coatings of high brilliance and color strength are characterized by a perfect pigment dispersion, optimal pigment particle size, and long-term stabilization of the dispersed particle in the formulation. ...

The Study of Ink Pigment Dispersion Parameters

The Study of Ink Pigment Dispersion Parameters Lokendra Pal Western Michigan University ... The procedure consisted of dispersing the pigment using a laboratory Dispermat® SL bead mill at ... The basic formulation of ink involves the grinding of pigment in a vehicle to form the pigment

Solid Glass Muller's by Art Boards™ for mixing pigments.

The Glass Muller is used for grinding pigment and dispersing the pigment into an oil or water base. It is used on an even grinding surface such as glass or marble. The base of the Muller is ground perfectly flat and has a fine tooth surface that is ideal for grinding pigment. The Muller is designed to mix paint pigments thoroughly with whatever ...

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Pigments and vehicles often have poor wetting, and require extra time for milling and grinding. This is where Duomeen TDO will make its most dramatic contribution. Duomeen TDO provides wetting to pigments, resulting in a number of advantages to the paint manufacturer, namely: 1. Increased pigment concentration in the mill base---as much as 20% and

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Dispersing agents The role of dispersing agents ... The role of grinding resins . Commercially available pigments and extenders are supplied to paint factories as agglomerates. The grinding process incorporates these solid materials into the liquid vehicle or grinding resin. During this process, the agglomerates are transformed into a ...

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Wetting and dispersing agent, for matting agents and pigments, in air-drying paints and industrial systems. Polyester, anionic. Click Here: Pat-Add DA 1808: Pigment dispersant, mainly for polar pigments, wide range of compatibility. Polyester compound. Click Here ©


and some inorganic pigments, to achieve very small particle sizes. The actual dispersing system consists of a chamber and a rotor; the chamber is filled with grinding media and the product to be dispersed. The actual particle size reduction is accomplished by the moving grinding material, which is activated by a high speed and high energy agitator.

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re-grinding or applying substantial shear force is needed. Thus, the best way to prevent ... possibility of a dispersant that can give wetting, helping in dispersing and the stabilizing the pigments. 4.1 Compatibility A good dispersants need to have good compatibility with the system in order to allow


Most pigments used in inks and coatings for example have a primary particle size from at least 0.02 microns (µm) or 20 nanometers up to 200 nanometers. With the particle size analysis technology available today, we can easily learn that many operators of bead mills are grinding and dispersing their pigments into this range.

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nanotechnology. Most pigments used in inks and coatings, for instance, have a primary particle size from 20 to 200 nanometers, meaning that many operators of bead mills are already grinding and dispersing in the nano range. However, there exist real difficulties …

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ing the deflocculated pigment dispersion which was produced by the dispersing process; i.e. flocculation caused by these forces of attraction must be inhibited [2]. It is essential to distinguish between the terms dispersing agent and dispersion medium. A dispersing agent is an additive which improves the stability of pigment

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• Support of grinding ⇒ short dispersing time, optimum degree of grinding. • Reduction of grind viscosity ⇒ high pigment content, flowability. • Stabilization of the pigments ⇒ color strength, gloss, color shade stability. • Compatibility with resins ⇒ no flocculation or coagulation, broad application.

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Saint-Gobain ZirPro has been supplying high-quality ceramic media to the pigments, dyes and dispersions industries for more than 40 years. ZirPro offers a market-leading range of media (ER120, Rimax ®, Zirmil ® Ce and Zirmil ® Y) to meet the exacting demands of grinding and dispersing processes. Selection of the optimum bead (density and ...

Easily Dispersed Pigments Revolutionize Coatings Production

May 01, 2015· Color options have expanded beyond the umber-ochre color line from the days when it was common to grind pigments with a quartz rock or abalone shell to make paint for body adornment and early cave DIY projects. Unfortunately, grinding pigment is still with us. Grinding, or dispersing, pigment is a practice critical to a number of industries.

Ultrasound for Dispersing and Grinding: Paint & Pigments

Ultrasonic Dispersing & Grinding Conditions. The quality of paints and coatings relies on the homogenous dispersion of the pigments. Hielscher Ultrasonics supplies effective milling and grinding equipment for paint dispersion, especially for for formulations with high pigment loads.

High Shear Mixer solutions for Pigments and Dyes - IKA

High Shear Mixer solutions for Pigments and Dyes Pigments and Dyes. Pigments and dyes cover the wide range of materials used to change the color of a product from its natural tint (see reports on TiO 2 and Carbon Black for more information on these particular pigments). Pigments and dyes are commonly inorganic solids (i.e. PbO, TiO 2, etc) which must be purchased as a pre-micronized …

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Wetting and Dispersing Additives. BYK's wetting and dispersing additives result in a fine and homogeneous distribution of solid particles in liquid media and ensure the long-term stability of such systems. The additives stabilize pigments (inorganic, organic and also effect pigments) and fillers.

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The grinding paste is primarily chosen based on its compatibility. Its percentage of the paste should be a low as possible. If special dispersing additives are used, binder-free pigment concentrates of impeccable quality can also be formulated.

Pigment Dispersion: Wetting & Dispersing Agents for Coatings

Wetting & dispersing additives have an influence on this stage, by modifying the surface tension at the interface they can help and accelerate the pigment wetting. » Understand Substrate Wetting Theory Here! DISPERSING: The grinding equipment (dissolvers, grinding mills, sand mills…) introduce mechanical energy in the system. This shear forces energy breaks and separates the pigment ...

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–and wrongfully so! Dispersing pigments is not only the most time-consuming, but also the most energy-consuming step in the entire production process. An effective additive can help to significantly shorten the grinding time and thus save time and money. In addition, the performance of the wetting and dispersing additive can make a

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Wet Grinding & Dispersing In the production of paints and inks, printed products, agrochemicals, solar modules, or batteries for electric cars, customers rely on equipment and solutions from Bühler Grinding & Dispersing. For example, 60 % of all offset inks are produced on Bühler systems.

Historical Paint Making Kit - Natural Pigments

Tool kit for dispersing pigments and making paint. Here are all the tools you need and a sample kit of 16 natural mineral and earth pigments to begin grinding and dispersing your own pigments in your favorite paint medium.

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The ultra-fine grinding of pigments places high demands on the machine technology to be employed. The finest, absolutely grit-free granulation, low-residue processing with minimal contamination, as well as fast, thorough cleaning when switching products are the minimum requirements.

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