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Casale Adriana is an old Tuscan farmhouse in the Maremman countryside, renovated in the early 80s by a family who wanted to turn it into a place of simplicity and tranquility. When the ‘grandparents’ (Carlo, who was a physician and scholar of the history of science, and Adriana, a writer) bought it in the late 70s, the property was virtually abandoned, the garden was nonexistent, the soil a barren and compact expanse of clay, almost devoid of grass, from which protruded just a sage bush and a couple of sick locusts. The interiors were huge, bare rooms (there was not even the bathroom and the ground floor was a stable, unused for a long time) but radiated the harmony of the old rural world of the Tuscan Maremma.
Before even starting the building renovation works, Carlo and Adriana ploughed the land, fertilized it and planted many, many trees: olive, laurel, wisteria, holm oak, pomegranate, strawberry trees and cypress trees, all typical of the Mediterranean scrub that you can see, in its wild state, in the Coastal Park of Rimigliano. The ‘youngsters’ (Claudio, now retired, who only thinks about writing poetry and planting flowers, Rosella, who deals with meditation and alternative therapies, Amanda, who loves children, theater and writing, and Rocco, who is studying double bass and writes poems) are now continuing the work of construction of the garden, following in the footsteps of the initial project, adding flowers and undergrowth to transform the small farm (5000 square meters surrounded by the Maremman countryside) in a piece of the Mediterranean. Today in the garden you can find silver ragworts, teucrium, Eleagnus, helichrysum, Gazans, westringie, rosemary, thyme, oregano, lavender, eremophiles.

In order to support the effort of continuous qualification of the botanical garden and maintenance of the building of the house structure, the ‘youngsters’ decided, in 2011, to rent some apartments during the summer. So, today Casale Adriana (the name by which it was born, near the end of the nineteenth century) has become a small oasis of greenery and peace, just a few steps from the Gulf of Baratti, the Coastal Park of Rimigliano and from Venturina thermal baths. Each apartment is tastefully decorated and equipped for a pleasant stay. The garden houses, among other things, a small olive grove, lawn areas, pergolas and shaded corners where you can dine and enjoy the summer.
It ‘was designed and equipped so that children can enjoy plenty of space to play and where everyone can enjoy maximum peace of mind.

The Apartments of Casale Adriana to Venturina

appartamento chiocciola
The Chiocciola
La Chiocciola (6 posti letto) è un ampio appartamento di 85 mq. / The Chiocciola (6 beds) is a spacious apartment of 85 sq.m.
The Gatto
Il Gatto (3 posti letto), è un monolocale molto romantico di 30 mq, situato al piano terra. / The Gatto (3 beds) is a studio of 30 square meters, located on the ground floor with a pergola all to itself.
The Geco
Il Geco (5 posti letto) è un appartamento di 70 mq situato al primo piano / The Geco (5 beds) is a 70sqm apartment located on the first floor, with its own pergola in the garden
The Tartaruga
La Tartaruga (4 posti letto), è un appartamento di 45 mq al piano terreno / The Tartaruga (4 beds), is a 45sqm apartment on the ground floor with its own pergola.
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Venturina Terme

Casale Adriana is located on the edge of the Coastal Natural Park of Rimigliano, in the municipality of Venturina Terme-Campiglia Marittima. It is also close to Populonia, an ancient Etruscan capital, and the beautiful Gulf of Baratti. Along the twelve kilometers of beach in the Coastal Park of Rimigliano, myrtle, juniper, helichrysum, the maritime pine and the sand dunes reign supreme. We are, basically, in the heart of a land that's both rich in culture and unspoilt nature.